Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Saved the Best for Last

After 40+ years of working, I am officially retired and can say that I saved the best for last. Four plus years ago, after working for IBM for over 29 years, I was hired by atsec information security corp., a small Austin company of approximately 25 people. Coming from Big Blue, I really had a lot of anxieties and concerns going from a large employer to a small one. I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to adapt to a small company work culture.

I found out that the work culture at atsec was the best I’d ever experienced. Everyone is authentic, loves what they do, and has a sense of purpose within the business. I developed strong relationships with my co-workers as they shared their experiences and knowledge with me, improving my own personal growth. I will miss working with some of the most talented and creative individuals in the business. It certainly has been an epic journey, and it is an incredibly strong testament to the emphasis atsec places on the development and support of skills, expertise, and excellence amongst the technical community. Those attributes and expectations are set from the top down, with management practicing what they preach and being a wealth of knowledge themselves.

atsec management is outstanding; they truly care about each individual, welcome creativity, and lead by example. They treat you like a colleague, not an employee, and that's reflected in the benefits and how management approaches employees. The owner of atsec doesn't have to worry about pleasing shareholders; this allows the company to have other priorities such as giving back to the employees and supporting the Austin community directly.
In the 4+ years that I worked for atsec, they provided a competitive salary, gave bonuses, took our families on trips, and had yearly Christmas celebrations around the Austin Hill Country area and even Moody Gardens Resort in Galveston. Management is always providing additional "gifts" to show their appreciation such as Amazon gift cards, restaurants gift cards, Thanksgiving ham and turkey, and more. The company also provides a weekly catered lunch, and once a year, the owner puts on his chef's hat and makes for us the greatest original Italian food I have ever had. No Olive Garden for us!

In sports, in business, or in our relationships, it usually matters little how one starts. The winners are declared only at the end.
Thank you, atsec! It truly has been a blessing.

Randy Baker

Feeling thankful for this #workmilestone
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One last!

On his last day, Randy received many best wishes from atsec’s colleagues in Austin and overseas. As well wishes poured in, one consideration from a colleague in Austin stood above all. I reproduce it here for us all to reflect on:

After several testimonies and messages from our colleagues to Randy, I wanted to post one more message here before he leaves to his new endeavors.

We work in a highly technical field. So technical prowess, expertise, knowledge are naturally skills we must have. Yet, one topic was abundant in the messages about Randy, and cause me to reflect upon.

We live in times wherein it seems that cruelty became a winning strategy; lies and fraud seem to have become common. Acceptable. Rewarded. Science and common sense lose place to bogeymen. To ignorance, to fear, to intolerance, pushing countrypeople against countrypeople.

Yet, what that the common topic among messages to Randy? His gentleness. His positive energy. His respect, his smile, the confidence and comfort he instilled in people. Among everything, as a testament to his character, what mattered to us was exactly that: his character. The fact that he perfectly personifies the gentleman.

For me, that was a proof that, despite the dark clouds, despite the barrage from those who embrace disruption and noise, at the end, what really matter to us, human beings, what really stays in our memories as everlasting impression and legacy, is the absolute power of a person who is gentle, ethical, positive, humble and dependable.

Mission accomplished, Randy!

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