Thursday, July 7, 2022

Quality and Security - more than just words

At atsec, quality and security are more than just words – they encompass everything we do and are deeply embedded in our four principles:

We know the business
We act with integrity
We stay focused
We are independent

Management is committed to the implementation and improvement of an integrated Management System. Every atsec colleague is committed to providing quality services and protecting security regardless of their role.

This dedication began in the early days of atsec in Germany. Within one year of forming the company, Germany was ISO 9001 certified and a year later received their first ISO/IEC 27001 certificate. By 2005, the U.S. location was certified, followed by Sweden in 2006, China in 2011, and Italy in 2019. Each organization uses a different certification body: British Standards Institution (BSI) in the U.S., DQS in Germany, Scandinavian Business Certification in Sweden, ICIM in Italy, and China Cybersecurity Review Technology and Certification Center in China. You can see atsec’s certifications on our website.

This continuous commitment to quality and security also ensures laboratory accreditation for the services that our laboratories provide. Many of the requirements for Common Criteria, FIPS 140-3, and CAVP/ACVP accreditation are met by having ISO 9001/ISO 27001 certification. The same is true for services provided in non-U.S. locations, such as PCI in China, NESAS in Sweden, and national accreditation in Germany.

Our robust Quality Management System and security controls have resulted in no major or minor non-conformities and only a few opportunities for improvement noted by auditors. This underlines the effectiveness of our process of risk management as well as our program of continuous improvement. As Michael Robrecht, a recently audited colleague in Germany, said, “The auditors were happy to see that we do not just follow our documented procedures but that our well-established procedures actually are lived and just got documented.”  

Security is in our name, and quality is in our culture!

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