Friday, April 1, 2022

atsec becoming first cybersecurity MetaLab

We are excited to announce that atsec information security has become the first IT Security Lab that has been accredited as a testing lab for the Metaverse. IT Security in virtual environments is as important as in the real world. While in the real world there are a lot of security mechanism already in place to protect your assets from theft or damage, protection measures for assets in the virtual world still need to evolve.

We at atsec want to contribute to this evolution by analyzing your solutions for the virtual world. The MetaLab director, Yi Mao, confirmed that “Our testers lead by Stephan Mueller have been working for decades to visualize the abstract requirements of the various security standards, and believe they have achieved a breakthrough. Now our customers can watch live with our atsec helmets (model APRFL1) their technologies passing AMVTS (Automated Metaverse Validation Test System), or observe how a vulnerability can be exploited and violate some Security Functional Requirements (SFRs) during a Common Metaverse Criteria Evaluation (CMCE).”  

Representatives from our offices in Europe have announced that they are actively contributing to the standardization groups responsible for defining the Common Metaverse Criteria Recognition Arrangement (CMCRA), but had to admit that they are not yet fully accustomed to participate in standardization meetings only through Avatars. Other challenges remain in the integration of the Common Metaverse Criteria (CMC) into the EU Cybersecurity Act certification framework, as EU CMC; and the identification of the relevant standards for the accreditation of Meta-Conformity Assessment Bodies and Meta-Labs.

VR experts from our offices in China recently started their first VPI DSS (Virtual Payment Industry Data Security Standard) certification. They are confident that they will be able to ramp up the payment approval scheme in virtually no time.

Our evaluators for the metaverse are intensively trained in utilizing atsec state-of-the art helmets for testing and vulnerability analysis. For EAL5/Expert+ level, we also add the complexity of Beat Saber and other virtual settings to the testing environment.

If you want to try out the atsec helmets, meet us at our booth at the VAF event in Horizon Venues. See you there.

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