Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Bye bye, CAVS tool, old friend...

Dear CAVS Tool,

we want to congratulate you on years and years of dedicated service. Without you, algorithm testing would not have been what it is today, and we salute you for staying with us for so long.

On June 30th you will finally get your well-deserved retirement. Rumors are you will relocate to a server farm in Iowa to work on your true passion: four-dimensional Mandelbaum topology.

But the CAVS Tool would be nothing without the people behind it; so we would like to give our thanks to Janet Jing and the whole CAVP team, for tirelessly processing mountains of submissions as well as update/change requests, and keeping the CAVS Tool running.

Dear CAVS Tool, now your replacement, the ACVTS, has been trained and is ready to step into your big shoes.

Good bye, old friend, we wish you all the best,
Your atsec CST team

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