Monday, October 21, 2019

atsec China adds PCI QPA qualification

atsec China (with the official name – atsec (Beijing) Information Technology Co., Ltd) has been qualified by the PCI SSC (Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council) as a QPA (Qualified PIN Assessor) company to perform the PCI personal identification number (PIN) security assessments according to the PCI PIN Security standard. The recent version of the standard is "PCI PIN Security Requirements and Testing Procedures version 3.0", released by PCI SSC in August 2018.

The QPA list can be found on the official website of PCI SSC:

The PCI PIN security standard contains a complete set of requirements for the secure management, processing, and transmission of personal identification number (PIN) data during online and offline payment card transaction processing at ATMs and attended and unattended point-of-sale (POS) terminals. 

The PCI PIN standard is intended for use by all acquiring institutions and agents (e.g. acquiring banks, service providers, key-injection facilities and certificate processors) responsible for PIN transaction processing on the payment card accounts.

PCI PIN assessment and compliance can be a mandatory validation requirement defined by individual card brands and the organizations (e.g. banks, payment service providers) in the payment industry. The PIN security assessment programs previously managed by individual card brands (e.g. VISA) have migrated to the new PCI QPA program in 2019. According to the validation requirements from the card brand VISA, effective 1 January, 2020, all PIN assessments must be performed using PCI PIN v3 and the associated PCI reporting materials. As of this date PCI PIN v2 assessments will no longer be accepted. All Visa PIN assessments must be performed by a QPA that is listed on the PCI SSC assessor website.

In addition to PCI QPA, as an accredited PCI QSA, ASV, PA QSA, P2PE and 3DS assessor and PFI, atsec China offers a full range of services to support organizations in achieving PCI compliance.

For more information about atsec’s service on PCI PIN, please visit:

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