Wednesday, July 3, 2019

atsec’s Rome office is accredited by OCSI for Common Criteria evaluations

atsec is pleased to announce that the atsec Rome office has been accredited by the Italian scheme, OCSI, for performing Common Criteria evaluations.

This is in addition to the accreditations by the Italian security agency, OCSI of our atsec laboratories in the U.S., Germany and Sweden.

Garibaldi Conte: Managing Director, atsec Italy, 2019:

“I am both happy and excited for atsec's entrance into the Italian market for IT Security Evaluation and Certification. I have been in the InfoSec business for over 15 years in Italy. The reason I accepted the challenge to be the Managing Director of the atsec Italian operation, is because of atsec's level of expertise in the field, depth of knowledge, care for standards, many achievements, customer base, the technology they have evaluated and their global presence. Under those conditions, atsec Italy is not a challenge, but a gift—a gift that will strengthen Italy's role in IT Security Evaluation and Certification in Europe.”

Staffan Persson, Co-founder, Managing Director EMEA:

“atsec’s strategy is to support our customers with their information assurance needs. With a great many leading global companies in our customer portfolio, it is important that we establish a strong presence in Europe as the EU Cybersecurity Act develops to do all that long-standing regional mutual recognition arrangements such as SOG-IS have achieved and much more.”


Salvatore La Pietra, Co-Founder, President and CEO:

"atsec has a mission at the core: ‘information security done right.’
We have always looked at IT Security differently from others. Our customers tell us that and our people show it.
atsec Italy, together with atsec Germany and Sweden, provide a substantial European presence, and together with atsec US and atsec China increase our geographical and cultural presence, underlining our global dedication to our customers. atsec Italy is the latest to join the atsec group, but will not be the last. Stay tuned…"

The atsec Italy office is located in Rome at:
atsec information security srl
Via Tirso, 26
00198 Rome
Tel: +39-06-89232678 

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