Tuesday, April 12, 2016

INCITS Recognizes atsec’s Fiona Pattinson with Technical Excellence Award

atsec information security corporation’s Vice President of Business Development, Fiona Pattinson, has been recognized today by the International Committee for International Technology Standards (INCITS) for outstanding technical contribution to the development of Cyber Security Standards in their CS1 Committee. During the INCITS meeting in Tampa, Florida, Fiona Pattinson was presented with a prestigious Technical Excellence Award in recognition for her long term contribution and dedication to the development of International and National Standards.

Fiona Pattinson receiving the award
“atsec is very proud to congratulate Fiona Pattinson on her INCITS Technical Excellence Award. Her involvement has been an important part of our company’s mission to improve Cyber Security Standards and assist in raising the security capabilities of our customer’s products and solutions.” said Salvatore La Pietra, President and CEO of atsec.

“INCITS is recognizing Fiona’s numerous contributions to the INCITS/CS1 - Cyber Security standards community. As a long time participant and a technical expert on the committee, Fiona has been providing expert contributions on a wide variety of standards projects assigned to ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 27WG3. In addition, she has accepted many roles, such as editor, co-editor, study period rapporteur and liaison. On most occasions at the international meetings, she presently serves as acting WG 3 recording secretary and as a member of the drafting committee. She continues to serve the committee as the US sub-head of delegation to the SC 27IWG3 meetings,” added Helmut Kurth, Vice President and Chief Scientist of atsec corporation.

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