Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Third International Cryptographic Module Conference Has Begun

The 2015 International Cryptographic Module Conference (ICMC) started yesterday with a day of pre-conference workshops on FIPS 140 Projects, Breaking into Embedded Devices, and Addressing Unique Security Challenges through Standardization.

Yi Mao Opening the Conference

The main conference was opened today by Yi Mao, Ph.D., CST Lab Manager of atsec, followed by keynote speakers Phil Zimmermann (Creator of PGP, Co-founder, Silent Circle), Paul Kocher (President, Chief Scientist, Cryptography Research), and Marianne Bailey (Principal Director, Deputy CIO for Cybersecurity, DOD).

Phil Zimmermann Speaking

The next two days will see presentations from more than thirty speakers on a wide variety of topics concerning cryptographic modules. atsec information security is represented by Yi Mao, Stephan Mueller, Swapneela Unkule, and Di Li. For more information on the conference, please visit the ICMC website.

ICMC 2016 was announced with changes in season and location!. The conference will be held May 18-20, 2016, at the Shaw Centre in Ottawa, Ontario. ICMC grows into an expanded international venue, with a new late-Spring timeframe that avoids conflict with other industry events. The call for presentations is now open at Speaking at ICMC 2016 with a deadline of December 15, 2015.

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