Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The First Day of the International Cryptographic Module Conference

The first day of the ICMC was dedicated to workshops and catching up with friends, colleagues and peers from around the world. We are excited to see such an impressive roster of attendees, including government, commercial, and research entities.

The day started with two well-attended workshops: Steve Weingart's "Introduction to FIPS 140-2," that had a lively question and answer session...

...and the highly technical "Introduction to Side-Channel Analysis and Testing", presented by Gary Kenworthy and Gilbert Goodwill.

The second round of workshops featured "Physical Security for FIPS 140-2," also presented by Steve Weingart. He explained how anything from common household chemicals to laboratory-grade lasers can be used to compromise cryptographic modules, and how to protect against these attacks.

The second track, "The Cryptographic Module and Beyond for Data Protection in a Mobile World," was presented by Eugene Liderman and Sriram Krishnan and included many practical examples.

We look forward to the second day of the conference, which starts with a keynote speech by Charles H. Romine and continues with two parallel tracks of presentations.

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