Sunday, April 1, 2012

atsec’s New Service Offering: The atsec Security Retreat

Austin, TX – atsec information security is proud to announce the roll-out of a new service offering that will complement the broad spectrum of its IT security services portfolio: the atsec security retreat. Working in the Information Assurance and IT security domains can be both stressful and challenging. The subject matter is often complex and loss of concentration can introduce errors leading to vulnerabilities and unexpected risks to many people and the potential loss of millions of dollars.
The security retreat is designed as a hands-off consulting approach for small teams working intensively on information security topics. We provide an environment proven to engender some of the most outstanding security thought leadership that the world has ever seen, while avoiding any external consulting that might impact the soothing serenity of the retreat.

Our luxurious non-classified environment, located within atsec's executive suite, offers a comfortable yet stimulating environment, ensuring that you and your team have the best chance to produce your best work to date.

Our security retreat includes high quality Italian-style coffee and tea making facilities, snacks such as high-protein peanut and energy bars, name-brand sodas, up to three changes of whiteboard markers a week, and not to mention unlimited access to the local atsec conveniences. For an additional fee, the use of  comfortable pillows in a choice of colours, an RGB projector, sound recording equipment, and state of the art Polycom device can be arranged.
Although not guaranteed, it is possible that you will get to meet and rub shoulders with some of atsec's best people and share small-talk around our water cooler.

atsec's security retreat is nestled amongst North West Austin's "Silicon Hills" where easy access to local high tech campuses and research facilities in the area is guaranteed and close-by amenities include a large choice of restaurants, including the famous Amy's ice-cream; Lake Travis for recreation, and the notorious Austin 6th street with live music.

atsec is well known for producing high quality and exceptional security services. Part of our secret is ensuring that the environment in which we work is convivial.

During the off season, atsec's security retreat starts at just $2000 per day per person.
For more information about this service, please contact us at


  1. I was sceptical at first, but the three changes of whiteboard marker PER WEEK was the clincher. My only concern is the lack of comfy pillows.

  2. The pillows are a very good suggestion. We will add these to the new service. This will be marked as an service improvement and followed through our Quality system.

  3. Now, if you could only have music by the Austin Lounge Lizards ( I tried to get them for ACSAC, but...

  4. I am to submit a report on this niche your post has been very very helpfull tx


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