Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Never a dull moment.

by David Ochel and Jeremy Powell

In a typical month, a consultant’s work at atsec might include any combination of the following:

  • dig through the guts of Mac OS X Snow Leopard to see what makes it secure
  • identify clear-text information leaks in cryptographic modules and exploit them
  • analyze the source code of a voting machine used in U.S. elections
  • advise customers on how to implement proper key management techniques
  • write a blog entry about something security-related that is worth sharing that was encountered at work or in life
  • take some time off with a generous 20 paid-time-off days per year—regardless of seniority
  • contribute to atsec’s business development by helping to establish the new biometrics testing laboratory
  • trace through the source code of the authentication mechanisms of the Linux Kernel to identify inconsistencies with the design documentation that may indicate potential vulnerabilities
  • collaborate with other atsec consultants to share ideas at a security conference
  • travel to a customer’s site to see their newest gadget to identify obvious security issues and to determine the feasibility and effort required to perform a full assessment
  • keep a sense of humor
Sound like fun? We're hiring.

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