Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Automobile Security

One of the best things about working for atsec is that I never know what I will be working on or investigating next. That is so long as it's on the topic of information security.

A topic that sometimes gets discussed with my atsec colleagues is that of embedded systems; how pervasive they are; how they are often found in very hostile environments where it is difficult to use some of the environment safeguards that are typically found in data-centers and that we can "assume" in an analysis of operating systems and applications. These include restricting access to attackers, and that there is a trusted administrator. In the world of embedded systems these assumptions can be much less readily assumed. Our office in Germany has had projects with some major European car manufacturers and the topic of information security for the on-board systems is for some reason a topic of much interest to the guys...

I was reminded of this when I found this paper: "Experimental Security Analysis of a Modern Automobile". I guess we'll be talking more on this topic.

Fiona Pattinson

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