Wednesday, April 1, 2009

atsec switches to binary code for all communication

UniCYCLE (Universal Communication BinarY Code Language Everywhere) to be used company-wide in bold new atsec initiative.

April 1st 2009 – Austin/Munich/Cologne/Danderyd/Beijing - atsec took standardization a step further today and switched all internal
and external company communication to binary code, the universal
mathematical language. In order to serve its diverse client base better
and more efficiently, atsec will employ UniCYCLE (Universal Communication BinarY Code Language Everywhere) for all communication beginning immediately.

Helmut Kurth, Chief Scientist for atsec, commented on the many advantages of UniCYCLE: "011101 000100 1000100 10001 010 01110101 1110100 10011 01000 010010100101 10101 101001 1 010010 1010010101 101001010 1010010101 1010100 111110101010 10100101010101010100 1010010010101010. 01001!"

atsec expects faster communication and less ambiguity in communication using binary language. As the leading laboratory for testing and evaluating complex operating systems and software applications, atsec’s decision to remove the “language middleware” is the next logical step toward implementation of a truly global vision for the 21st century.

“If binary code is good enough for computer systems, it sure is good enough for us!” added Steve Weingart, Principal Consultant at atsec. “After all: 01001001 01001 10011010? Right?”

The next project, which aims to transfer the higher brain functions of all atsec employees into a central mainframe, is already in its test phase.

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