Monday, October 18, 2010

Common Criteria Forum Established

The Common Criteria represents more than just a security standard; it also serves as a global consortium of interested parties including international schemes, labs, and vendors coming together to work on shared goals. As such, communication between these groups has become increasingly reliant on attendance at events like the annual ICCC conference. The need for an additional means of interaction, such as a forum that allows for international participation, was identified at this year's ICCC Conference, and has now been realized as a Google Group.

The forum can be accessed at this address:

The goal of this forum is to improve the Common Criteria standard by increasing communication and transparency within the broader community, and by enabling active collaboration between schemes, labs, and vendors.

The Common Criteria Forum is set to provide:

  • Immediate access to information on a global basis across time zones
  • Fast turnaround of input from the Common Criteria community
  • A place to launch sub-communities and other related groups

The Common Criteria Forum would bring together interested parties who could:
  • Create/access pertinent blog articles and the sharing of ideas
  • Post regular updates on Protection Profile development progress
  • Participate in interactive forums on potential changes, schedules, experiences
  • Have interactive discussions on how to improve the Common Criteria

We invite you to become a member of this group and to take an active role in the Common Criteria community.

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