Friday, October 22, 2010

atsec to attend MILCOM 2010

atsec will participate as an exhibitor (booth #1712) at the Military Communications Conference (MILCOM) in San Jose, CA, October 31st – November 3rd .

Why do we take the time to attend MILCOM?

The focus of military personnel and contractors is to secure their operations and maintain that security against threat of hostile attacks. If there were no malicious elements, security wouldn’t be the focus. But in today’s world, the need for security is paramount.

In a military operation, it would be unthinkable to use untrained personnel unfamiliar with the landscape, equipment, or objective. And leadership in such an operation wants confidence that a successful outcome for the operation is achievable

Nowadays, military operations could not be carried out without direct involvement or, or at least the influence of information technology, especially in Command and Control Systems. And therefore, it is vital that security-related functionality of any product used in military operations performs as expected.

As a company that evaluates security functionality of IT systems, atsec knows from experience that security claims without associated assurance that the claims are valid provides only a false sense of security. Undergoing a security evaluation of an IT product against some specified criteria is one way to get this assurance, which could potentially save the life of a soldier involved in a tactical operation.

Those who perform such evaluations against international security standards in an ethical and professional manner, including atsec personnel, are doing our part to provide assurance of security functionality in IT systems used by the military as they put their lives on the line to secure our interests at home and abroad.

Exerpt from
"The theme for the MILCOM 2010 conference is "Next Decade of Military Communications." MILCOM is the premier international conference for military communications and attracts a very impressive array of participants with high-level attendance from government, military, industry and academia. MILCOM 2010 gives industry the opportunity to promote communications to all branches of the armed forces, Department of Defense, federal government, and the heads of multi-national forces from around the globe."

by Thomas Svensson

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