Sunday, April 1, 2007

atsec information security Evaluates Mark VII Transporter Beam Control Software

Galactic Emperor pleased about timely completion

GAMMA DELPHI, Phnil’krq-Nebula – Stardate 2454191.50001
atsec information security is pleased to announce Cosmic Criteria certification of the Mark VII Transporter Beam Control Software (Update 3.1, Fix Pack 2) at Stellar Assurance Level 9 augmented with flaw remediation (SAL9+) in compliance with the Particle Transmission Protocol Protection Profile (PTPPP).

PTPPP defines requirements for products supporting transmission of matter over large and very large distances (VLD). PTPPP-compliant systems support Advanced Molecular Reconstitution (AMR), which enables transporting objects and life-forms under hazardous conditions, e.g. during a gravity storm or while engaging a cloaking device. This level of trust is mandated for use by the Galactic Empire and also is valued by commercial enterprises.

The Mark VII Transporter Beam Control Software was certified by the Universal Complex Braincluster scheme (UCB) based on the planet Tsinpain IV. Tsinpain IV is a signatory to the Universal Cosmic Criteria recognition arrangement and thus this certificate can be accepted by many other galaxial and inter-galactic based federations. MBI (Matter Being Ionized) and RipSpace, Inc. were developers for the evaluated product. The Galactic Empire sponsored the evaluation effort.

His Celestial Highness, the Galactic Emperor, Ruler of the Galaxy, Supreme Master of All There Is, commented: “We were very happy that atsec again finished this task on time and within budget. Now that transporter technology has this high level of assurance we are confident that recent problems with identity theft will be reduced as a result of the improvements made to the product as a result of this evaluation.”

atsec previously evaluated the MBI’s StellarDyne Warp Drive Control Software as compliant with FTLPPP (Faster Than Light Propulsion Protection Profile) in 2454102.50001. In fact, atsec information security is the galaxy’s leader in Cosmic Criteria evaluation of artificial brains and metatechnology, which is the greatest test of competence in the field. Elmut Urth, atsec Chief Hyperbrain, notes: “High assurance evaluations can induce developers to improve processes and products resulting in long term benefits and product quality and security improvements.”

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